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Travel Cervical Neck Pillow

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Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, traveling can be tough on the body, and the constant sitting and lack of movement are torture on muscles and joints. To help make your travels more comfortable, we designed our travel  pillow to reduce and manage neck, head, shoulder, and upper back pain caused by prolonged sitting. Neck tilt, stiffness, and constant pain can do irreparable damage and cause you to suffer when you should be energized and ready to see the world.


Neck Pillow

Features & Specs.

We make our travel pillow from 100% premium memory foam. The memory foam's natural body heat-responsive qualities help the pillow mold perfectly to your neck and head to provide the maximum amount of support. The ergonomic raised lobe design supports your neck while leaning back and is ideal for those who prefer relaxing their heads in various positions. To secure the pillow and make sure it doesn't shift, we added an easy to adjust drawstring that lets you create the perfect snugness.


Pure Memory Foam


Length: 29 cm * Width: 29 cm * Height: 11 cm

Shipping & Returns

We deliver all of our items within 7 days, to all over Egypt. We are constantly upgrading our service and delivery model for our customers’ ultimate convenience. Although we currently do not support a real-time tracking feature, you will receive an email once your items have been sent out for shipping.

Care Instructions

We made the plush velour cover for your pillow easy to remove, machine washable, and totally dryer safe without losing quality or beauty. You will be able to make sure that your travel pillow stays fresh and clean.

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Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort and Support

We took the unique neck and head shape of each individual person into account when creating our pillow to keep you comfortable. This pillow has an ergonomic raised lobe design which provides much more support around your neck and in the places where it is most needed. This is far more than traditional travel pillows.
It also provides support that adapts to your head and neck. Not only does this pillow offer support when you rest your head back, but it also offers plenty of support on both sides. No matter if you’re someone who prefers to lean your head to the left or right or even straight back, this pillow will support you.